Best Bed Wetting Alarm – Voted By Parents

Hey Yall,
The votes are in and have been tallied and we have a Unanimous Decision!

The #1 Best Bed Wetting Alarm

voted by our readers and parents was hands down…

The Malem Selectable Bedwetting Alarm with Vibration.

Actually, Frank and I were both shocked at the landslide results.
95% of parents who have purchased various bed wetting alarms chose Malem.

It is undeniably one of the most durable and high-quality alarms on the market. For those of you who are new to Malem alarms, we’ll cover some of the product highlights for ya.

It has several functions which other competitors don’t have such as:

  • A loud sounding alarm to wake up the heaviest sleepers.
  • Vibration function (which is great if two children share a room so as to not wake the other child up.)
  • 8 selectable alarm-tones to choose from (this is really important because many children get used to one tone and will continue to sleep through wetting the bed. But this ensures that the child will never get used to hearing the same one tone.)
  • Various colors and designs (They used to just come in one style, but now Malem has added more colors and even a camouflage style. Let’s face it, kids like to be unique and this helps them feel comfortable to use their new device.)
  • Strong quality parts (The case and and clip that hooks on to your child’s clothing is sturdy and durable. We never had any problems with the craftsmanship while using it for our two boys.)

According to research: These Malem Bed-wetting alarms have a success rate of over 70% in helping bedwetters overcome their problem within approximately 2 months of using the product.

How the product works:
The alarm has a sensor part that your child attaches to their underwear and it senses any kind of moisture or wetness throughout the night. The part that emits the sound gets attached to your child’s shirt and it makes the beeping sound or vibration to let him or her know that it’s time to walk to the bathroom to relieve themselves. After just a few times of using this system, most kids will be able to stop themselves from urinating in the bed and be able to make it to the bathroom on time.

Tips For Parents about to Use This Malem Product:

* Get your son or daughter used to going to the bathroom just before bedtime.

* Until your child becomes successful at using the product, you may want to place a waterproof mattress protector on the bed to avoid stains and moisture

* If your child should wet the bed, you may want to ask them nicely to help you change the sheets. (This often helps to motivate some children to put in extra effort to use the device and stop wetting the bed.)

* Always praise your son or daughter for any progress they’ve made. Or if they’re having a rough time, encourage them. Tell them that you know it’s not their fault. Accidents happen to all of us and you will help them to get through this.

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