Since bedwetting has been a very common occurrence, here are some information that could give you a glimpse about bedwetting facts and myths. While the causes of adult bed wetting during the evening are largely comprehended by the medical community, it still remains a medical disease that victims are often surprised about.

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An estimated 25 million people suffer from some type of nocturnal enuresis in the United States. Despite all the available information on bedwetting, there are still a lot of gossips and half-truths about the disorder. Here are some myths about night time adult bedwetting.

1.) You can always control adult bedwetting.

Adult bedwetting is truly uncomfortable and determination alone will not prevent the problem from recurring. Most of the problems of bedwetting are due to some kind of physical problem and are not necessarily caused by any psychological reasons. It’s easy for a non-sufferer to say that bedwetting can be ceased. But for a victim, it is no walk in the park no matter how hard he/she tries to convince him/herself.

2.) Adult enuresis affects only the elderly.

It’s true that many men and women in their adult ages experience their first adult enuresis when they are more mature, but it is not always the case. Bedwetting is a condition that can perturb anyone in general including teenagers and pre-teens. The type of adult bedwetting is often determined the moment the person undergoes the first episode of enuresis.

3.) Adult enuresis has no treatment methods.

Simple exercises and mind over matter can not stop bedwetting. Nevertheless, there are many actions that can be done to solve the problem. There are medical treatments and medical procedures that can be prescribed for the problems of adult bedwetting. Even those who have not received medical treatments can prevent nocturnal urination with bedwetting alarms and the use of behavior modification strategies.

It’s very important to remember that adult bedwetting can be a symptom of a serious medical condition. Men and women who suffer from bedwetting must meet a doctor as soon as possible. With the appropriate treatment, adult bedwetting can have high chances of being treated.

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