Hi Y’all, today Frank and I are gonna talk about Malem Medical alarms (from personal experience :)

Malem Bedwetting Alarm

Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm with Vibration

Malem is considered as the standard in enuresis alarms and have been making some of the best bed wetting alarms for children for decades. So if you are considering using a bedwetting alarm for yourself or your child, you should definitely check out Malem.

Don’t let their simple box design fool you.
The Malem Medical brands are easy to recognize with their square plastic box shaped alarms. When I first bought one for my son, I wasn’t impressed with the design, but at least he didn’t seem to mind, and after I found out how well they worked, I could care less about the boxy look. Overall, they are straight forward and easy to use.

How to use this little Gadget?
The concept of Malem alarms is simple. You attach the plastic box alarm on your son or daughters shirt or gown near their collar. Their is a moisture sensor which connects to the box and sounds the alarm if the child or adult begins to pee in their sleep.

Please Note
The sensor is very sensitive, so even a tiny bit of moisture or wetness will start the alarm and wake up the person before they wet the bed. The sensor is simply clipped to the outside of the underwear. Please note, your son or daughter should wear somewhat tight fitting underwear when using the alarm. When we first tried, my son was wearing boxers, and the alarm took a longer time to detect the moisture than with the well fitting briefs.

The Malem bed wetting alarms can wake the person by using either a vibration, loud alarm sound, or a light. All the Malem alarms have safe construction that are simple to clip onto clothing and easy to clean. Unlike other wet stop and urination alarms, Malem products can be bought which use regular AAA batteries which are easy to find and last longer than the round watch style batteries. They also have more power which allows the alarm to sound louder than most brands.

Which Malem bed wetting alarm is the best?
Personally, I would have to recommend the Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm with Vibration. The reason why I feel this one is the best is because it offers you the option of choosing from 8 different alarm tones to wake up to.

Why are different alarm tones important?
Well, with our son, we originally bought the Malem alarm with only one alarm tone. It worked great and he was urinating in bed less every night, but after about 3 weeks, he started to get used to the alarm tone and he couldn’t wake up anymore. So we ended up returning it for the 8 tone alarm. That way, the alarm sounds can rotate so he never gets used to the sound. It worked great and he stopped peeing the bed a little after one month of use for good.

Best Bed Wetting Alarms by Malem Conclusion
Malem is a reliable brand. The Malem Ultimate Selectable 8 tone alarm does cost about $20 more than the single tone alarm, but it is well worth it.

Cheers to Dry Nights!
Samantha and Frank