Enuresis among teens is another issue faced by many people nowadays. Enuresis in adolescents is an unusual occurrence and should be treated by a doctor immediately. While the primary nocturnal enuresis can affect children older than five years old, it is usually resolved by the time they are six or seven years old. Although primary nocturnal enuresis can stay longer if left untreated, bed wetting in teens is often a symptom indicating a more serious problem.

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It is factual that bedwetting among children occurs during their deep sleep since their bladder is weak. However, enuresis in adolescents is already caused by a disease or a malfunctioning of an organ. There are several causes of bedwetting that only a doctor can properly diagnose the root of it.

Many parents of teenagers experiencing bedwetting promote the use of plastic sheets on the bed. If the parent can successfully convince the teen, the application of diapers can be utilized to limit any mess as much as possible. However during the adolescent years, many teenagers are vulnerable regarding the hardships that are affecting their health. Bedwetting can be devastating for teenagers since it can thrust their confidence as well as their self-esteem. Moreover, they will surely isolate themselves from their friends due to their fear of being ridiculed and humiliated. Because of this problem, it is imperative that parents should be as supportive as possible to their teens during the treatment process of bedwetting.

Until the specific cause of this disorder is discovered, it is suggested for parents to treat the problem as a primary nocturnal enuresis and to implement a particular training that enables the adolescents to wake up in a specific time to go to the toilet. Bed wetting alarms can alert the teenager who has created an accident in the bed which also encourages them to clean up their mess silently. This can provide a sense of privacy which they need to help preserve their self-esteem.

As a parent, it is highly important to never show any signs anger or frustration to teenagers who experience bedwetting. They need a lot of attention at this difficult time. Because of this, it is better for a parent not to discuss these issues when an irksome or angry feeling is present. Both parents should take turns energetically to ensure that there is always someone who can help the teenager calmly deal with lifestyle modifications.