Enuresis has been a common occurrence to individuals with various health problems and several people are wondering how bedwetting affects the life of a person. Urinary incontinence impacts 15 to 35% of those adults who have no problems when it comes to ambulation.

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Men after prostate removal for cancer can experience incontinence for several weeks or years after surgery. Women may also experience incontinence related to many factors including childbirth, menopause and surgery.

It is important that incontinence should be managed because it has an impact not only on the physiological, but also on the psychological life of a person. Depression and decreed quality of life found that depression can actually co-occur in the person struggling with incontinence.

The interventions include pharmacological procedures as well as surgical and behavioral. Effective treatment of incontinence should include the use of clinical guidelines and research to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence (UI), impacts 15 to 35% of the ambulatory adult population of 60 years living in the community, with prevalence rates for women is twice that of men. There is no change of the epidemiological data on urinary incontinence (UI) because the prevalence of inconsistent definitions of incontinence, differences in the questionnaires, the setting and the methodology and reliability of self-report data.

Also contributing to the difference in prevalence may be those victims who do not report the occurrence of the UI to the health care provider because of the belief that incontinence is a normal phenomenon associated with aging or the a condition that cannot be treated at all. There is also a stigma associated with not being able to control the basic functions of elimination.


Involuntary loss of urine has several implications for the victim. Incontinence was also noted to be a major hindrance to social development, physical recreation or entertainment.