Pure ‘n Gentle Pajama Pants for young boys and girls
60 Count,
Sizes: S, M, L, XL –  From 38 to 125 pounds

  • Good for waking up dry
  • They are also designed not to show through pajamas

  • Leg cuffs prevent leakage
  • Just peel away side tabs for easy removal

    Available in four unisex sizes (small / medium / large / X-Large)

    Designed to help keep children dry at night during toilet training and reduce the shame of wetting the bed.

    Children usually wet the bed up until 10 years of age. It’s not their fault. Some are just heavy sleepers, others have not yet developed bladder control. Bedwetting at night can cause embarrassment and concern for children. Pure N Gentle Pajama Pants help children wake up dry. They are specially designed to maintain the privacy of children, while the pants are not seen through the pajamas.