A lot of parents are troubled with their child who urinates on his or her own bed that they are desperate to find ways in putting a stop to bedwetting. Bedwetting is often known as nocturnal enuresis. This is a normal and natural disturbance in children up to six or seven years.

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Due to the fact that boys are livelier, they are more prone to this problem compared to the girls. However, this issue should not make you worry as a parent. It’s because the bladder of a child is not well established in this period and so you should not expect your child to control the bladder every night. Your patience, care and support are required before your child stops bedwetting. Medical approaches should be taken only if the child does not stop wetting the bed at seven years of age. In short, it is naturally expected that the child will stop bedwetting before he or she gets to that age.

There are many measures you can take when dealing with bedwetting. But all the measures referred in this article need the active participation of the parent. Furthermore, you should never assume that your child can easily follow the steps immediately. Your assistance can definitely hasten the process to stop bedwetting.

The child should be discouraged from drinking liquids before bedtime. He or she must also go the bathroom and empty the bladder prior to going to bed. Next, inform the child repeatedly about the important steps to stop bedwetting before bedtime. An empty bladder definitely guarantees a dry night.

If the previous steps fail, it may be necessary to obtain an alarm that can help the child wake up at a specific time in the evening to empty the bladder. This device is widely referred to as bed-wetting alarm. This gadget has several brands available. It is recommended to familiarize yourself to each label to know which one is suitable for your child. Some gadgets provide low sounds while others have high sounds to make sure that the child gets up. The device will create a sound when urine is sensed in your child’s pants. The child is then expected to wake up and go into the rest room. Your job here is to help the child get up and go to the toilet. When the sound is heard, you should also get up and go with the child in the comfort room to empty the child’s bladder. You may need to do this for a short time until the child is already acquainted with the sound emitted by the alarm.

But still, if all the methods mentioned won’t work, that would be the time to let your child see a doctor provided that he or she is above seven years of age already. The child will be examined for bladder problems and the best solution will be given.

If you are considering the use of an alarm as a cure to bedwetting, we recommend a practical and sturdy alarm such as the Malem series.


  1. abas says:

    Hi. I want to buy one bedwetting alarm.

  2. Samantha says:

    Hi Abas,
    The parents who visit our site have voted Malem as the best bed wetting alarm. There are a few other good alarms available though. Just be sure to read the reviews before purchasing to get a better idea if that specific alarm is satisfactory.