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A lot of devices are available to manage bedwetting, but the problem is choosing the perfect bedwetting alarm. An enuresis alarm is usually used every night, sometimes more than once every night for weeks and possibly much more. The caregiver (mother/father) and the patient (child) should take into account the various facets to identify an adequate alarm warning system:

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1. Convenience: Is the alarm easy to use, including the humidity sensor that is easy to connect and disconnect, and easy to clean and reuse?

2. Comfort: Is the alarm sensor tiny and light enough to be connected near the patient’s area of urination?  Does the patient feel comfortable to it as well?

3. Flexibility: Will the alarm accommodate both the motion as well as the movement of the patient? Can it be utilized with various kinds of clothing not only in the evening but in daytime as well?

4. Durability: The alarm is likely to be used multiple times. Is it designed and made to function satisfactorily over and over again?

5. Dependability: It’s important that the sensor detects urine and triggers the alert every time bedwetting happens. It’s also essential that the device won’t make any rooms for false alarms.

6. Effectiveness: How effective is the alarm to wake the patient (child) and the caregiver (mother/father)? Is the alarm loud or bright enough? Does it have a vibrating feature? Will the parents also wake up by the sound of the alarm to check if the child does go to the toilet to clean up? Can the alarms be modified by the users whichever they find is suitable for them?

7. Cost: The initial cost of the device is not the only cost that should be considered. They may not be the permanent costs since they can be associated with the use of alarm systems, including extra parts, special clothing, changes to clothing and disposable products. Apart from the money spent continuously, add the additional time, effort and disadvantages, and the total cost can be significant over time.

Encouragement and persistence are very essential should you want the alarm therapy to be successful. Caregivers as well as patients are more likely to use the alarm system if it is convenient and easy to use all the time.

If you are considering the use of an alarm as a cure to bedwetting, we recommend a practical and sturdy alarm such as the Malem series.