Getting the right solutions of bedwetting is a goal pursued by so many people, especially the parents. Bedwetting is a problem that most children between 6 and 10 years old are experiencing. At this age children develop control over their nerves, but when it comes to bedwetting, they tend to urinate involuntarily. This quandary is common among children and disappears as they grow. Adults can go through this as well.

This is the #1 Bedwetting Solution as recommended by parents.

Searching for the solutions of bedwetting is very essential since this problem may affect self-esteem and the self-confidence of the child. The penalties imposed by the parents are the worst way to go about solving this problem since it can definitely worsen the condition. You must attempt to consult your family doctor and discuss this type of problem. Doctors usually do not offer a specific treatment unless there is a medical abnormality like diabetes, infection and deformity of the bladder. According to doctors, bedwetting or also known as enuresis initiates after five years old.

In addition to this, there are some solutions to enuresis that are proven to have a very high success rate. Bedwetting alarms are excellent strategies to solve this problem. These alarms will wake the child when wetting begins and can start to tune the mind of the child to awaken when the bladder is full. These alarms are attached to the child’s shoulder and the power reaching the detector. The sensor is fixed in the underwear of the child and the child is alerted just in time.

A riskier solution may be Desmopressin tablets. Desmopressin tablets are recommended by doctors as desmopressin acetate, DDAVP mainly to reduce the production of urine, especially at night when people are sleeping. It has been studied to be 4.5% more efficient than other medications. This drug was outlawed in many countries because it does not seem to be suitable for adults of 28 to 35 years of age. Sodium levels were raised because of this drug and have caused death. However, this drug can be used with children as a nasal spray.

Tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline, imipramine, and nortriptyline have also been known to solve problems regarding enuresis. But an overdose of these drugs can be detrimental to one’s health. There are also absorbent diapers and even underwear that are accessible on the market made to face bedwetting problems. Moreover, these products can also be apt for adults to prevent embarrassment in a public place and they won’t have a difficult time cleaning it up. These products have capabilities to quickly absorb the urine. If a person is about to leave to some place else and spends the night there, these diapers and underwear can be very useful to avoid embarrassment.

If you are a parent and your child has enuresis, it may take certain methods for your child to get rid of the problem. You can wake the child up during the night to urinate at frequent intervals, so that he / she will develop the normal habit and does not wet the bed. You can also make a record indicating those nights where your child didn’t experience bedwetting.

Just go through these solutions addressed to bedwetting and you will be able to care for your loved one in just a short time. Be hesitant to use drugs to cure your child unless it’s a last resort and recommended by a doctor. A better and safer choice most of the time is to purchase a bed wetting alarm.
If you are considering the use of an alarm as a cure to bedwetting, we recommend a practical and sturdy alarm such as the Malem series.