Understanding stress urinary incontinence can be useful most especially to people suffering from this condition. It can be very embarrassing if a person is in public and he or she accidentally pees on his or her underwear. However, some people really cannot help themselves because involuntary urination can be triggered by a medical condition. A paragon of this condition is called stress incontinence and occurs in any gender.

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This affliction, in many cases goes unreported because people are afraid to admit they have a problem with their bladders. Although this disease affects more women than men, it has been known to occur in both sexes due to some complications. People should not be afraid to tell their doctors about this issue because it is treatable. In most cases, this type of problem is caused by the weakening of the pelvic muscles.

In women, some of the causes of urinary incontinence include diabetes and obesity. Nonetheless, this condition is mainly due to the aging process since women over 60 are much more prone to the problems related to bladder control. In fact, one in three women face this problem with the onset of age and more than half of all women admitted to nursing homes experience incontinence in some way.

Men have lower chances of coming down with incontinence, but can still have the condition due to diabetes, obesity and aging. For men in particular, this may be one of the warning signs of larger problems of the body such as prostate cancer. For this reason, it is important not to hesitate in telling a doctor about bladder control problems since prostate cancer can be easily treated if diagnosed early.

If a person comes down with this disease, it is imperative for them to be sent to a medical specialist called urologist. This physician specializes in the study and protection of health in the urinary tract of a person. The doctor asks the patient to lie down and to cough hard to see if the muscles of the pelvis can prevent urine leakage. Should there be any leakages, doctors advise medical treatments to the patient.

Stress urinary incontinence is one of the least verbalized conditions reported in the United States because people are simply embarrassed to admit that they have issues with bladder control. Remember that doctors are paid and trained to deal with these problems and there should be nothing to be ashamed of.

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